What to Do When You Get Drain Problems

The kitchen is one of my favorite parts of our Broward County home.  Everything delicious happens there — from baking to cooking! That being said, my drains can somewhat get overworked and dealing with clogs can be one of the biggest household hassles!

You need drains that work in order to do simple tasks like washing the dishes.  When a problem arises and you’ve done your share of DIY but nothing seems to work-  it’s time to call a pro.

When to Call for Help

There are many drain products on the market that might help to clear small clogs.  I’ve actually used baking soda and vinegar, buckets of hot water – nothing worked.

If , like me, you have tried every basic method, which may include plunging and snaking, then there probably isn’t much you can accomplish on your own. These are the things that I know I CAN’T DO! (So I’m leaving them to the experts)

• Snaking drains
• Flushing drains
• Pipe removal
• Floor, ceiling, or wall pipe clog removal

It is important to note that you should only let a professional deal with any clogs that require going into pipes that are in the walls, ceilings, or floors. They can handle these situations and avoid doing further damage to your home that could cost thousands of dollars from your pocket. They can also handle tough drain issues in your garbage disposal. Plumbing experts have the tools and the expertise that are necessary to avoid injury in this type of situation.

When this happened to me and one of my drains started to act up,  the problem became bigger than I could handle. I ended up looking for Fort Lauderdale plumbers by getting in touch with a referral service called Plumbers911. Their professional and courteous staff assisted me in getting my drain back in working order as soon as possible without overcharging me! Yaaay!